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I always love the “It’s Friday but Sunday’s Coming” sayings and sermon, but it always seemed a bit trite to me. But I experienced that, or a Eucatastrophe, this past year.

This time last year, I was absolutely miserable at my job. Its toxic culture had finally reached me and I was suffering mental, physical, and job-related issues. I didn’t think I could come back from this.

Instead, God guided me to my now job (completely by chance through a LinkedIn posting and no connections) and I am so much happier that I feel like a 1000-lb weight has been lifted off of me.

I realize now that God was dynamiting me out of a situation that I wouldn’t have left otherwise, and while the experience seemed awful, I was able to realize how much better things are in a different situation, and even more, how good God is. I’m able to use my experience from my last job to help me in this one, while also appreciating how much better things are. Also, I know how it feels to be treated in certain ways and I use that when I am dealing with colleagues, bosses, and subordinates.

If you had asked me a year ago if things would ever improve, I wouldn’t have believed you. God is good. He turned one of the worst times in my life into something good.

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My book club read On Fairy Stories last week! Totally sending this to all of them, since it was even more appro pros time-wise than we realized 😄

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What a fabulous story about Easter! It’s no coincidence that Easter is linked to the appearance of the full moon - which in and of itself is a Pagan ritual - thus a complete fallacy.

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