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I remember seeing the quote from this Variety piece earlier on Twitter and that actually made me LESS interested in clicking/reading it. Also, the tab reveals another alt. title:

"Warner Bros. Wants Christopher Nolan back: Film Execs Talk New Strategy"

This is honestly a much better SEO title. Or maybe they changed it cause they realized the Jackson one didn't work? In any case, weird misrepresentation of the article, which is really well written.

More or less confirms my speculation about WB poaching Shyamalan from Uni.

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"While I am happy to see more movies and television adaptations of Tolkien’s works, I fear we are on the road to a level of obsession with ‘fading’ and ‘embalming’ by letting one interpretation of Tolkien’s works so dominate our imagination to the exclusion of others."

Great point and well said. One of the overlooked things that made the Marvel movies so popular at their peak was the different kinds of stories they told in different ways: The Winter Soldier is a great spy movie, Taika Waititi made an idiosyncratic space gladiator buddy comedy in Thor Ragnarok, Edgar Wright wrote a heist movie starring America's sweetheart Paul Rudd in Antman, Guardians of the Galaxy gave us multiple funny summer space adventures with great soundtracks, Black Panther is an Afro-futurist story about isolation and reengagement, etc. They did the same thing on Disney+ with legal workplace She Hulk, second generation Muslim immigrant coming of age story in Ms Marvel, What If with a bunch of wild animated stories of what could have taken place in alternate universes, etc. Literally something for everyone.

Some might say that's different; they can make up whatever they want and tell those stories however they want. But spoiler alert: they were all based on preexisting written works, just like LOTR.

So bring it on, I say. Yes, some of these will suck. But guess what, some of them won't. And regardless, they will introduce a new generation of folks to the world and the characters and their stories, and unless we want to be like the fading elves above, we should all want that.

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